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Binary Options and Major Holidays: A Good Day to Trade

We see a lot of people jetting off to some exotic locations during a holiday. Traders also take a vacation; however, it does not mean that they stop trading. Holidays present as much opportunities to make profits as any other regular trading day, if not much more. In the trading community, there are observable trends resulting from people’s behavior. Be mindful of major holiday dates as it may influence the markets.

Trend #1. The Holiday Season

There is low trading volume in the markets during the holiday season. Price movements are very static and price changes vary, if not are mostly minor. There are no unexpected events that could overturn prevailing market trends.

Depending on the asset type, volatility may be missed by most traders on Christmas Day. Take note that trading hours for NASDAQ, New York and London are closed, along with a 13 stock markets. Some markets may remain open, though. Binary traders should consider the absence of investors may impact asset values on this day. However, the markets are easy to understand at this time, presenting an opportunity to make guaranteed profits.

Trend #2. New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day, there are 15 stock markets that will suspend its trading hours. This includes major markets such as in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and the U.S. The doors to trading may be closed on this day; however, there are other opportunities that binary traders can take advantage of. As there are less trading activities, investors can capitalize on the stability of assets and trade with the Boundary options.

Trend #3. Other Holidays

Major holidays in other countries must also be noted as these can significantly impact trading. Keeping a list of holidays where major markets are located can guide binary traders to keep their positions in check when said days are approaching, or change their strategies on certain asset types.
Tips for Holiday Trading

Trading Sharks on the Rise. Trading sharks are investors that invest heavily or in large volume scales that can upset the momentum of the trading market. With the absence of investors and with trading volumes low, it is relatively easy for them to manipulate asset prices at their discretion. It is difficult to know when large amounts of money will be traded. Traders need to remain focused and be vigilant in looking for trends headed for an unexpected direction, saving them from potential losses.

Ask for a Bonus. It’s not just from your relatives that you can receive holiday presents. With most brokers riding high in the holiday spirits, this is the perfect time to ask for a bonus. Expand trading horizons with a little help from your broker. Converse with them and strike a friendship by picking up the phone. Lines are not congested, and there will always be an available representative to take your call. Then ask for a bonus. Most binary options brokers are willing to give bonuses for deposits even if traders already have an account with them.

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